CleanSonic, your global solution for precision cleaning .

Who are we ?

CleanSonic is a SME founded in 2020, by Alain Picaudé and Ludovic Bernard, two reputed players in the field of precision cleaning, respectively benefiting from a professional experience of 30 and 20 years in this very, specific sector.

CleanSonic’s concept is to provide "turnkey" solutions that meet the needs of manufacturers, when it comes to cleaning parts or sub-assemblies.

What constitutes the DNA of CleanSonic is to offer our customers, through our expertise, general engineering solutions to grant total control, ensuring the obtaining of cleaning results.

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Our technologies

CleanSonic, through its cleaning expertise, is able to provide all the different cleaning solutions, in terms of process and technology:

  • Cleaning in a detergent environment
  • Cleaning in a solvent medium (A3 of hydrocarbon types or modified alcohol, HFE or Alcohol).

The technologies associated with the different processes are:

  • Ultrasonics (single-frequency and dual-frequency, from 25 kHz to 100 kHz)
  • Spraying
  • Ultrasons et aspersion combinés
  • Treatment at atmospheric pressure, under vacuum or under alternating vacuum sequences
  • Demineralized water production stations
  • Effluent reprocessing plants
  • Automation
  • Supervision and traceability.


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Your advantages

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    A single point of contact, for a "turnkey" cleaning solution

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    Technical expertise combined with a group of partners to benefit from all existing technical solutions

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    Innovative, reliable and efficient cleaning equipment

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    A fast and efficient customer service.

  • Our services

    Advice and expertise

    Sales of cleaning equipments (new and used)

    After-sale service


    Maintenance & Remote Maintenance

    Subcontracted cleaning services

    Our products

    Novatec Pluritank (Automatic / Manual)

    Function: Ultrasonic cleaning systems

    CleanSonic offers a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, in a detergent environment, meeting all the needs of our customers. This multi-tank equipment, which can be robotized or used manually, consists of several tanks with the following functions: Ultrasonic cleaning (atmospheric pressure or vacuum) Rinsing in hard water (at atmospheric pressure or vacuum) Rinsing in demineralized water, under ultrasonic (at atmospheric pressure or vacuum) Hot air drying, infrared or vacuum.

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    REK (FC500-1000-1500) Automatic / Manual

    Function: Ultrasonic cleaning equipments

    This range of equipment is an innovative concept, making it possible to carry out a process in A3 solvent, in a single treatment chamber. The advantages of this technical solution lie in the fact of being able to carry out completely vacuum cycles (pre-cleaning in the vapor phase - ultrasonic cleaning and drying), to distil, filter and therefore recycle the solvent continuously, in order to reduce drastically the consumption and consequently the operating cost of the equipment.

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    Riebesam Series 23/26/28

    Function: Washer-disinfectors

    CleanSonic offers a wide range of spray cleaning equipment, in a detergent environment, meeting all the needs of our customers. This equipment, with a single processing chamber, makes it possible to process all types of parts, on one or more levels and to ensure the cleaning process

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